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✔️ Where does Norwegian Air Shuttle fly to?

Norwegian Air Shuttle timetable covers routes from many popular cities. To check the availability of the connections, use eSky search engine.

✔️ When can you buy the cheapest tickets for Norwegian Air Shuttle flight?

It is best to buy tickets for Norwegian Air Shuttle flight well ahead of time.

✔️ What airlines operate similar routes?

To the cities, to which run Norwegian Air Shuttle flights, run also other airlines, and you can find them in eSky search engine.

✔️ Can I book a hotel together with Norwegian Air Shuttle flight?

By using eSky search engine you can book a hotel together with the flight under the Flight+Hotel package. Thanks to this your travel will not only be comfortable, but you will also save money thanks to the package discounts.

Get to know more about Norwegian Air Shuttle

Norwegian Air Shuttle

Norwegian Air Shuttle is one of the most important airlines in Norway. The company has an interesting history. It started operations in 2002. The airline is considered the national carrier and it has never brought loses to the owner. Norwegian Air Shuttle is a modern airline – the carrier focuses on ecology and tries to take care for the natural environment. Most flights take place in Scandinavia, however the carrier also flies to Europe, Asia and North America. Norwegian Air Shuttle offers over 400 routes with over 130 destinations. The line provides its services in Poland, too. Passengers can fly from Warsaw, Gdansk, Krakow and Szczecin.

Norwegian Air Shuttle – baggage policy

Norwegian Air Shuttle provides the travellers with many attractive offers and possibilities, also related to Norwegian Air Shuttle baggage policy. The carrier allows transporting one piece of hand baggage without any additional fees. However, the acceptable weight and size depends on the selected booking class and fare. There is also the possibility to take one additional personal item, such as a laptop bag. This baggage has to fit under the seat. In the case of checked baggage, travellers can add it to their booking up to 6 hours before the flight. This is possible online or by phone. The carrier offers different booking classes so it is good to check the services included in the ticket price because in some of them, checked baggage is included in the price.

Norwegian Air Shuttle – online check-in

Nowadays, a lot of passengers want to check-in online. This option is also available for the travellers flying with norwegian airways flights. The online check-in process is very simple. Each customer can use this service and go through the check-in without any problems. The carrier has a special system that will help the users to check-in without any mistakes. Travelleres must remember about printing their boarding pass. This document is generated after the online check-in process and it is necessary to board the plane. Online check-in system is becoming more and more popular among travellers from all over the world. Most passengers don't want to spend too much time at the airport before the planned departure. The modern system of check-in via Internet can be helpful when it is important to save as much time as possible. People who are interested in this type of solution can also read about it on the carrier's website.


Norwegian Air Shuttle has a large number of planes. The carrier has about 130 machines. The fleet is very modern. It consists mostly of modern Boeings. The fleet is still developing. There will be more Boeings and Airbuses. The carrier plans to increase the number of machines and develop the company. The machines are very characteristic because according to the carrier's policy, they have red and white colours. The red colour is on the front of the plane. The back of the machine is white.

The Oslo Gardermoen Airport

The Oslo Gardermoen Airport is located near Oslo. This is one of the most popular airports in Norway. The airport is well-developed and serves a large number of passengers each year. There are many shops, cafes and a duty-free zone. Travellers can also order a parking space without any additional fees. All these factors are the reasons why so many people choose this airport while planning their journey. There is also a free Wi-Fi network. The Oslo Gardenmoen Airport is becoming more and more popular because many people from all around the world want to visit Norway and Oslo. This city is a perfect destination for them. Flights to Oslo are available from many countries so there are a lot of passengers at the airport.


The menu available for the customers travelling with Norwegian airlines is prepared for each of them, also for people with special dietary requirements. On almost all flight routes, travellers can get drinks and snack. While flying on long-haul routes, they can order a larger meal. The type of meal can be included in the ticket price but it depends on the selected booking class and fare. Another interesting option is an interactive screen available on long-haul flights. Passengers can use it to order some snacks and the crew member will deliver the order. The payments can be made by credit card.

Additional services

Norwegian Shuttle airlines offers many additional services that can be very useful, for example, on most routes, passengers can use a free Wi-Fi network. However, there are also other attractions, such as TV programs or movies. Travellers should check the prices of additional services  before the flight in order to avoid some unnecessary problems. The carrier offers an interactive 3D map which shows the most interesting attractions in the destination city. This service is very useful for customers who like visiting new places and they don't want to miss any interesting facts. Passengers can also charge their electronic devices. You can also check some Norwegian Air Shuttle reviews and check more information about the services.