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Price per 1 adult person for round trip


✔️ Where does Loganair fly to?

Loganair timetable covers routes from many popular cities. To check the availability of the connections, use eSky search engine.

✔️ When can you buy the cheapest tickets for Loganair flight?

It is best to buy tickets for Loganair flight well ahead of time.

✔️ What airlines operate similar routes?

To the cities, to which run Loganair flights, run also other airlines, and you can find them in eSky search engine.

✔️ Can I book a hotel together with Loganair flight?

By using eSky search engine you can book a hotel together with the flight under the Flight+Hotel package. Thanks to this your travel will not only be comfortable, but you will also save money thanks to the package discounts.

Get to know more about Loganair


Loganair airlines are a popular Scottish regional airlines based at Glasgow Airport near Paisley. The line operates in Europe and it serves over 60 differnet flight connections. Loganair flights are well-known among passengers who like comfort and attractive prices. The carrier’s route map includes flights across 6 European countries. This is the reason why the airlines is commonly chosen by many tourists. There are also many reviews on the Internet, so every customer is able to check some information about air services before planning a trip.

Loganair airlines - baggage policy

Loganair has its own baggage policy and each traveller has to respect it. In order to check the rules on checked baggage or hand baggage, as well as the transport of animals, sports equipment or medicines, it is worth checking Loganair's baggage policy on the carrier's website. It will allow to prevent some additional baggage fees. Cats and dogs may be carried as accompanied baggage. However. This service is also related to baggage fees.  Items which are deemed dangerous or may affect the safety of the aircraft and/or its occupants will be confiscated. If you have any doubts regarding the suitability of an item, please contact the Customer Call Centre for further advice.

Loganair check in online

Nowadays, many people want to check in online so this service is becoming more and  more popular among  airlines. Loganair also offers this possibility. Loganair check in online service is avaiable available to passengers 96 hours before the scheduled departure. However, all passengers must remember about printing their boarding pass before arriving at the airport. They must also take their printed boarding card and the ID document that was used during the online process. Passengers who want to check in online can find all the necessary information on the carrier's website.